The Catweazle Club featuring Michelle Willis

The Catweazle Club is very excited to welcome the ludicrously talented Michelle Willis as our featured performer for August.

Michelle is a singer-songwriter par excellence and has worked with many artists including Stuart Mclean and the Vinyl Caf, Serena Ryder, Hawksley Workman and Nikki Yanofsky. She also fronted Three Metre Day with Hugh Marsh and Don Rooke. Among other accomplishments they were nominated for best original score for their soundtrack to the film Still Mine at the Canadian Screen Awards, and they played on the last Stooges album "Ready To Die" in 2013.

Luke first encountered Michelle when they played together in Jessica Blake's band last year.

Michael is away this month so Luke will be flying the ship, with a little help from Erik!

If you wish to perform, arrive at 7:30pm to sign up.

Everyone gets 1-3 pieces based on number of performers.

A Roland piano is on hand if you're a pianist.

Show starts at 8pm. There is no cover; we will pass the hat to non-performers at intermission. Smock is fully licensed and has delicious food.

Catweazle @ Smock Caf

8 PM Friday August 29th

287 Roncesvalles Ave.

For further information, visit

What makes Catweazle unique?

Based on the amazing club in Oxford, England, our gathering is all about intimate engagement. There is no microphone, and the everyone piles together at the front on pillows, rugs, and couches for an up-close, participatory experience of artistic sharing and warm-fuzzy community! Seasoned international talent and first-time local performers all have their moment in a supportive, interactive environment. Usually we'll culminate with a short set by a featured act, and there's also lots of time to mingle, meet new people, and enjoy Smock's delicious food. Here's a taste of what we're about:

Want to know more? Read this by Michael Holt:

Catweazle is a club/show/format i encountered on tour in oxford, england see The name derives from a wizard on a long-extinct TV show, apt because the one adjective most commonly used to describe this gathering is MAGICAL. the format is open stage - not open mic, because there is emphatically NO MICROPHONE. Catweazle Oxford also happens to be the best open stage i've ever encountered in my life. why? because every time i've time i've been there about 10, i've consistently found the best audiences of my life. and consistently great talent onstage too. the two have evolved together: as the audience got better, the talent got better, and vice versa. what do i mean by a great audience? isn't a good audience simply a big audience? no. quality is so much more important than quality. do i mean a quiet, obediently listening audience? NO! i mean an engaged, energetically participating audience! an audience that will sing along, ask questions, make requests, amiably heckle it's favourite performers, let their true love show when they see something they like, whether it comes from someone famous or completely unknown, and also generously cheer on someone green and inexperienced yet sincere - and brave enough to get up an stage for the first time in their life! if you come to catweazle, is it all up to you to be this ideal audience? No - we are very effective at corralling the vibe in the right direction - all you have to do is join in the love. What we are really doing here is helping to grow a culture of engagement, participation, excitement, sharing, and togetherness. We know it is possible in the world at large, because we create it every month at Catweazle Toronto.

The Catweazle Club featuring Michelle Willis

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