Thanksgiving Show: Hermit Thrushes, Clarinet Panic Deluxx, Slime

Special Thanksgiving show including an orphan Thanksgiving dinner!!!

Plus music by:


Philly prog pop band return to Toronto! Guitar notes intermingle with rhythmic sax lines. Angular structures fall back on droning melodic notes. Vocals whisper between stabs of sax, violin & guitar. Free form Ayler-isms meet warped modern prog sensibilities.


Hectic dream jams from cellist Cory Latkovich, avant percussionist/eccentric genius D. Alex Meeks (Hooded Fang, Holiday Rambler), saxophonist Karen Ng and guitarist Sebastian Shinwell. Clattering ahead like the score to a never ending horror film, inching towards climax as cello and sax play a game of back & forth only to be driven forward by systematically antagonistic drum patterns and their own instrumental curiosity. Formulaic breakdowns give way to seemingly free form guitar & sax chaos, only to slam us back in the exacting grid like patterns with more force & precision that ever before. Bastard chamber music meets math rock.


Neil Rankin (Gay, New Positions, etc) get real & raw with his solo sax/radio tuning project. Radio feedback, split frequencies warbled & twisted through effects create a pulsating backdrop for a menagerie of free sax gurgling. Like a gnarled beast with a heart of gold Rankin coughs up tough licks in this skronk freak fest.


Thanksgiving Show: Hermit Thrushes, Clarinet Panic Deluxx, Slime

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