Sun-May-25: Brownman & Dylan Bell @ Musideum, 8pm, $20/$10

Donald Quan's Musideum presents:

BROWNMAN 1 feat. Brownman Ali tpt Dylan Bell ev'rything!

Sun-May-25, 8pm, $20 door, $10 students, artists

@ Musideum, 401 Richmond St. W., Toronto,


From press release:

Multi-award-winning jazz trumpet player Brownman Ali, best known for his creatively bombastic & energized playing style, strips down to a bare bones configuration in this new Musideum "1" series. Sunday's intimate duet show will feature Juno-nominated multi-instrumentalist DYLAN BELL. Brown has had a long friendship and musical association with Bell, but rarely appear together given both of their frenetic touring schedules. This unique pairing will feature the versatile Bell best known for his work with the Nylons and Autorickshaw on an assortment of instruments including bass, piano and voice!

The BROWNMAN1 series continues throughout the year at Musideum, each month Brown appearing with 1 other mystery musician -- could be piano, could be bass, could even turntables - who knows! Each duet showcasing Brownman's lesser known introspective & self-reflective playing approach accompanied by a mystery 1 each month.

A message from Donald Quan, Musideum owner/operator:

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to encourage everyone to come check out this amazing pairing of trumpet & piano talents at the Musideum this Sunday. Acclaimed jazz trumpet player Brownman Ali and I have become good friends, enjoying shared music, movies and meals together. Though we have both been aware of each other's musical work for years, we officially met at a Musideum event 3 years ago and started socializing. He LOVED the Musideum, but felt his assortment of bands he leads 7 of his own! would be too much for the space. So I suggested perhaps he could use Musideum to feature lesser known aspects of his playing. He's well known for his virtuosic and energized playing style, but rarely is he showcased for the warmness of his tone & the subtleties and nuances he's capable of. He was delighted by the idea, and suggested only doing duets. We dubbed the series BROWNMAN1, and since then once a month this National Jazz Award winner has appeared at Musideum accompanied by a mystery musician. It could be a piano player. It could be a bass player. It might even be a turntablist! But what the BROWNMAN1 series offers each month, is a unique look at this artist in unique couplings.

Sun-May-25: Brownman & Dylan Bell @ Musideum, 8pm, $20/$10

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