Summer Emerging Artist Exhibition

Gallery 1313 Exhibitions July 9-20 , 2014

1313 Queen St. West 416-536-6778

Reception July 10 8pm


Main & Process Galleries SUMMER EMERGING ARTIST EXHIBITION This is an

annual group curated exhibition with over 25 artists using a variety of formats and media . On display will be drawing, photography , painting , sculpture and mixed media . Most works are for sale and as the gallery takes no commission this affords the collector to purchase works directly from the artist .

Participants include Heidi McKenzie, Christine Dewancker , Camille

Rojas, Jennifer Tsuchida, Shantel Miller, Jen Yeaman, Ethel Christensen, Jane Theodore, Kim.Lee Kho, Brian Deignan, Eric Field, Keight MacLean , Amanda Arantes, David McDonough, Claire Bartleman , Kal Honey, Peter Joch , Kathline Wicks , Sean Robert MacPherson , Amita Sen Gutga, Chinmoyee Debnath , German. H. Salamanca, Miles Ingrassia, Sonya Filman, Bryan Bermudez, Morgan Skinner , Laura Harrison , Paul Brandejs , Moshe Sakal, Sara Brown, Allison Rowe & Izaak Sacrebler.

The exhibition is curated by Gallery Director , Phil Anderson.

A panel talk What Is Emerging ? with art professionals will take place

Wednesday July 16 7pm @ Gallery 1313. It is free .

Cell Gallery : élan" New Works by Janice Ykema

This artist focuses her practice on life and living things and finding

parallels between worlds. The selection of paintings presented will

focus primarily on her animal series. Janice is an artist that

challenges herself with composition and her paintings breathe with vim

and vigour. Her brush strokes are painterly. Her style expressionist in

flavour. You are almost guaranteed to leave this exhibition with a

smile. She is a member of the Ontario Society of Artists as well as the

Colour and Form Society.

Window Box Gallery SELFIE An installation by Lisa Anita Wegner up for

the month of July .

I have been fascinated by the fact that so many Smart Phone users

interact with the world through the lens of their phone, taking photos

and video. At shows, openings and concerts, people take pictures of

themselves with the action in the background. As an installation and

performance artist, I see 80% of my audience looking at my work through

their phone.

July Installation SELFIE is an invitation to create a self portrait

while you take a picture. The round mirror angled toward the viewer

shows their face while jewel tone film gels create a halo around their

face. Mirror film with FLEX S lighting gel creates a surreal reflective

surface giving the viewer a playful saint-like self portrait created

from their own reflection.

The title SELFIE would be printed in reverse on the glass and the viewer

would see its negative reflection in the mirror; in a reversed phone

photo, it would appear the correct way.

This invitation will also get the Window Box into endless self portraits

posted on social media. #windowboxselfie

SELFIE is a collaboration of The Haus of Dada, my film and art

collective and LongBranch Design a sister company of thinkers and

solvers who we work with on a regular basis. While it was not my

intention to showcase our own work, the extremely short deadline to

create and produce my inaugural window made this the best option. I

approached two artists to collaborate with me; however, they are both

away, and while I was waiting for their response a simple piece was

born. All building materials found or donated.

Go to Lisa Anita Wegner ‘s blog below for more info .

Gallery Hours Wed- Sun. 1-6pm

Summer Emerging Artist Exhibition

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