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SSS 199 w/ Immigrant Muscle

Immigrant Muscle:

Ages ago, Moon Mist and Club Soda were neighbours in a dilapidated building on the SouthSide and bitter rivals in the klav khalash business. Legend has it that Soda somehow always woke up early enough to get the best spot to sling meat on the block. In retaliation, Mist began spreading rumors that Soda’s klav khalash was made of pigeons and spider meat. When Soda got wind of Mist's deceptions, he challenged him to a greased-up-melon-gloves boxing bout, (which is how people resolved their differences in the old country). They boxed for hours and neither could finish the bout. Finally, they were separated by a wise and compassionate passerby named Denim Rodman. ' Tis is fucking whack. Everyone on the block knows you two love each other. Join forces to sell klav khalash and play fire as one! Can I borrow your gun?'

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Secret Society Sessions is a show broadcasted live every Wednesday 6-10pm.

Our goal is to provide the atmosphere for a regular gathering that revolves around our love for music and the celebration of getting over the hump of the week. Come early, spend a few hours with your friends listening to artistically curated sounds and go home happy, proving that a night out does not have to be followed by a day in.

This is more than a radio show… it is a social collective for people at play. We invite you for after work drinks, food and games!

See you there.

SSS 199 w/ Immigrant Muscle

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