Soul Party - Consciousness Explorers Club

Party time. Sorry it's been so long. Shouldn't have left you, not even a dope beat to step to.

We'll make it up. Friday Soul Party, Kensington, usual place, usual selectors, same solid groove from outer space bang into your inner space, hotsteppers on the floor, smiling faces all around. Can't wait.

Dr James will be just back from Ethiopia, with jetlag on his side. We're worried, so let's hit this hard before the summer pulls us apart.




We know you got soul. How? It glints from behind your eyes, beams from your beautiful face. Sure, sure, not resting until all living things that share that same soul are free from suffering is good work, the best, but you gotta include yourself in their company. Riight?

Save yourself. Elevate. Celebrate so you can activate.

Join us for our Soul parties. During the cooler months, we hold them inside, at Handlebar in Kensington. When it's warm enough, we move them outside, and to Sunday afternoons, because we don't really buy the whole "on the seventh day he rested" bizness. Really? He's god. How tired could he have been? He probably at least had some people over for drinks.

Bring friends, bring enemies, as long as they know that to get on up, you gotta get on down.

Musical selection of all flavors, on the soulful tip, hiphop, breaks, swing, afro, disco, house. Some of us like a bit of techno, but gentle-like.


Soul Party - Consciousness Explorers Club

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