Somewhere There presents the Lake Ontario Jamboree

Think of a name Niagara

B0ot Hamilton

King Weather Toronto

Fire Moss Kingston

Think of a name: Julian Anderson, Stephen Del Duca, Jeffrey Sinibaldi and Adrain D'Avirro are Niagara-based musicians and artists who, through live improvisation, combine the sounds of tape-decks, keyboards, drum-machines, samplers, loop pedals, bass and computers under the moniker "Think of a Name."

B0ots: B0ots is a psychedelic mind-meld between cosmic wanderers Molly Kubes and Andrew Burrows, incorporating improvised live vocals, percussion and electronics.

King Weather: D.Alex Meeks coaxes plates and cylinders, Steve Ward wields collapsible metal tube; drums of the receding world and a trombone that extends into another. King Weather leads a parade into the giant chapel of stillness. Clatter is passed on the collection plate and candles stay lit tho' a powerful wind passes through them. The ghost in the machine cannot live in something that is not a machine; maybe the spirits are old broken wheels.

Fire Moss: Fire Moss is a collaboration between David Parker double-bass, electronics and K.L. Sealegs synthesizers, pedals, formed in Kingston, ON in the fall of 2012. The duo performs live improvisational soundscapes, blending elements of synthetic drones, melodic dirges and freaked-out noise.

Somewhere There presents the Lake Ontario Jamboree

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