Somewhere There Creative Music Festival

the second annual

Somewhere There Creative Music Festival!

February 21, 22, & 23, 2014

As a demonstration of the vitality and diversity of Torontos creative music scene, the Somewhere There Festival will include performances by over 60 performers and composers doing important, boundary-pushing work in the city of Toronto, along with a speakers' series featuring a number of prominent thinkers, educators, and music presenters.

5 main shows, each $10

in The Tranzac Main Hall 292 Brunswick Avenue, south of Bloor between Bathurst and Spadina

tickets at or at the door

2 FREE late-night shows in the Southern Cross Lounge.



Twitter: @somewherethere

Online Tickets:


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with a special thank-you to The Canada Council for the Arts

Somewhere There Music Festival Program: Feb 21-23 2014

Friday Feb. 21, Evening $10

7pm - TRANZAC Main Kyle Glen Hall

Talk: The Age of Enthusiasm: The Roots of Toronto Musical Improvisation, 1960s-1980s

David Lee

8pm - TRANZAC Main Hall

improvisations by...

Stuart Broomer guitar Arthur Bull guitar Terry Fraser drums David Lee bass Eric Stach alto saxophone

9pm - TRANZAC Main Hall

The Kyle Brenders Quartet:

Kyle Brenders woodwinds Wes Neal bass Heather Segger trombone Mark Segger drums

FREE late set: 10 pm - Southern Cross Lounge


Ken Aldcroft guitar Michael Kaler bass Mark Zurawinski drums

Saturday Feb 22, Matine $10

1pm - TRANZAC Main Hall

Film: Start Making Noise Now

Nicholas Loess & Joe Sorbara

2pm - TRANZAC Main Hall

Girlfriends Encounter a Father Figure:

Thom Gill keyboard, effects, voice Matthew Pencer computer Christopher Willes computer

3pm - TRANZAC Main Hall

Hat and Beard: Reflections CD RELEASE!!

Ken Aldcroft guitar Dave Clark drums

Saturday Feb 22, Evening $10

7pm - TRANZAC Main Hall

Talk: Experimental Music in Canada: Cuts and Continuums

Jeremy Strachan

8pm - TRANZAC Main Hall


Paul Newman tenor saxophone & Karen Ng alto saxophone

Ilana Waniuk violin & Cheryl Duvall piano

9pm - TRANZAC Main Hall

Famous Wildlife Movies:

Mike Smith guitar Ali Berkok clavinet Jay Hay bass clarinet, flute Pete Johnston string bass Jeremy Strachan bass clarinet, flute

FREE late set: 10pm - Southern Cross Lounge


Ryan Driver piano Nick Fraser drums Blake Howard percussion Alex Lukashevsky guitar Nicole Rampersaud trumpet Mike Smith bass Brodie West alto saxophone

Sunday Feb 23, Matine $10

1pm - TRANZAC Main Hall

The Improviser's Woodshed, a workshop with Dave Clark

2pm - TRANZAC Main Hall


King Weather: D. Alex Meeks plates and cylinders Steve Ward collapsible metal tube

Simeon Abbott piano & Mike Gennaro drums

3pm - TRANZAC Main Hall

Colin Anthony's Dream Dance:

Colin Anthony piano Jessica Houghton movement Tova Kardonne voice Chelsea Papps movement Rob Piilonen flutes Raphael Roter movement


Sunday Feb 23, Evening $10

7pm - TRANZAC Main Hall


Lina Allemano trumpet Rob Clutton bass Ryan Driver piano, voice Tim Posgate guitar, banjo

8pm - TRANZAC Main Hall

Fleshtone Aura & Mandelbrot:

Luis Hernandez tapes, electronics Andrew Zukerman tapes, electronics

9pm - TRANZAC Main Hall

Mark Segger Sextet:

Rob Clutton bass Tania Gill piano Jim Lewis trumpet Heather Segger trombone Mark Segger drums Chris Willes saxophones

Somewhere There is a non-profit, artist-run organization dedicated to fostering creative music-making in Toronto. Foremost in our activities is managing and programming performances at Somewhere There Studio - a performing arts venue that is currently looking for a new home. When in operation, Somewhere There featured performances nearly every night of the year, including regular artist residencies, concert series, and visual art shows. The studio has become a community hub for improvising musicians in Toronto, and has hosted thousands of concerts since its founding in 2007.

Somewhere There Creative Music Festival

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