Shut it, Uncle Bob: Dealing with Racist Colleagues and Loved Ones

This workshop explores strategies and tactics for addressing racism from loved ones in meaningful and impactful ways. Participants will engage with a variety of scenarios that manifest implicit or overt bias. Common behaviors and tactics for dismissing conversations about race and minimizing the harmful impact of racist behaviors, beliefs and language will be explored. Participants will learn a number of techniques that take into account balancing relationships and creating long term sustained progress and change while understanding the roots of prejudice and tapping into the individual’s capacity for empathy.

Learning Goals:

-Is it my job? Figuring out if we’re the best person to address a particular individual

-Learning to challenge the behavior (not the person)

-Techniques and strategies for dealing with defensiveness

-Getting to the root of the prejudice

-Finding resources/tools to support that person on their learning journey

-Examining power dynamics we’re experiencing in order to best serve

-Addressing internalized racism and healing

-Crafting meaningful apologies and changed behavior

-Tapping into folks capacity for empathy

-Balancing personal relationships with commitment to social justice - it’s hella frustrating when we love people who are doing/saying problematic and hurtful things a.k.a holding people accountable without throwing them away

-Dealing with racist people in work spaces

-Taking care of yourself in the process

-How do people misunderstand things like freedom of speech etc… “political correctness” , “too sensitive”

-Identifying the problematic behavior, how accountability is being dismissed

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Shut it, Uncle Bob: Dealing with Racist Colleagues and Loved Ones

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