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Sailor Moon Celebration 2019

We first started as the Toronto Sailor Moon Celebration. Now we’re continuing our journey to incorporate even more girl power to meet the demands of fans in Toronto and Canada. We are the first girl power fandom convention in Canada.

If you enjoy narratives featuring strong female characters – you will find a positive, welcoming space at our events.

This event is focused on strong female characters and the characters who support them because every girl can be a hero.


Returning this year is one of our favourite original Sailor Scouts – none other than the “electrifying” Susan Roman. The voice of Sailor Jupiter in the original English dub of Sailor Moon, fans may also remember some of Susan’s other roles including Snowy the dog in The Adventures of Tin Tin and Melissa Racoon in The Racoons.

Joining us for the first time is voice actor Brian Beacock, whom you may recognize as Ail in the Viz Media dub of Sailor Moon. He has a diverse career including voice-overs for more than 30 cartoon series and video games such as Digimon, Naruto, Bleach, Durarara, Monokukma in the Danganronpa game series, Doreamon, Blue Exorcist, Bungo Stray Dogs, Code Geass, Blue Dragon, Battle B-Daman, Toradora, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Tales of Symphonia, Dragon Ball Super and more.

Returning this year is Ron Rubin, well known as the original voice of Artemis for the entire run of the DiC and Cloverway dubs of Sailor Moon. He is one of the busiest animation actors around and his voice can be heard on countless anime shows and cartoon series.

Returning this year is Jill Frappier, the original voice of Luna for the entire run of the DiC and Cloverway dubs of Sailor Moon. She is an actor, storyteller, drama teacher “extraordinaire,” and has performed in well over 100 plays at major theatres in Toronto and across Canada, including the Shaw and Stratford Festivals.

Sandy Fox is a voice actor, singer, and producer. The voice of Chibiusa and Black Lady in VIZ Media’s Sailor Moon and Sailor Moon Crystal series, Sandy also has many notable roles in popular anime franchises and other cartoons. She is also the voice of the iconic Betty Boop.

Returning for a second year, IlluminAir Entertainment is Canada’s go-to source for high-level “cosplay circus” – contemporary circus shows designed by and for fans!

Jennifer Maillet is a Senior Visual Effects Artist with over 60 television and feature film credits including Orphan Black, Star Trek: Discovery, Umbrella Academy, Harry Potter, and more. She and her team also won a Canadian Screen Award for Outstanding Achievement in VFX in 2013 for History Channel’s Vikings.

Rebecca Diem is an author and poet of smart, hopeful speculative fiction. Her work includes the steampunk novella series "Tales of the Captain Duke," following a defiant young aristocrat who saves a band of airship pirates from certain peril and talks her way into joining their crew.

He’s big, he’s hairy, and he’s here to right wrongs and triumph over evil. A handsome Bear in a Sailor Suit, it’s Bear Sailor Moon! We welcome Bear Sailor Moon as returning masquerade director and as a musical guest!

As a fanatic of all things artistic and creative, Ji-nie Cosplay turned her love for anime into a passion with cosplay two years ago. With a vast interest in different genres and styles plus her adoration for makeup and acting – cosplay has no boundaries for her. As long as it’s fun, she’s up for the challenge!
Kaeos Theory Cosplay has been making costumes and participating in cosplay events since 2014. She has put together over 30 costumes from series such as SailorMoon, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, Fullmetal Alchemist, Love Live! School Idol Project, and many others. Kae has won several awards for her creations, including several Best in Show awards for her Sailor Pluto and Giorno Giovanna cosplays. On top of crafting, Kae also loves wig styling.

Ammie Cosplay is returning as a cosplay guest this year. Ammie is a masters level cosplayer recognized internationally, particularly for her Sailor Moon and Harley Quinn cosplays. She has been featured in several cosplay books and various magazines around the world for her costume work and knowledge on costume construction. Ammie enjoys teaching workshops so people can have a hands-on experience in creating aspects of costumes to see how they are made and be taught in the process.

With 8 years of cosplaying experience, Bamzy Cosplay is a face of the local community that many recognize. Normally adorned in big armour builds or wielding a large prop or weapon, she is someone who is always friendly and loves to interact with new people as well as share her love and passions for crafting, anime, and video games.

A chameleon of cosplay, Lynn Unlimited has quickly become known for specializing in large armour builds, specialty wigs, and the cosmetic side of cosplay. She is addicted to planning large concept group cosplays and working with new people both in Canada and the United States, with hopes to branch out even further one day.

More guests to be announced! Have a suggestion? E-mail us at

Photo credit: Vespertine Dancers

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Sailor Moon Celebration 2019

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