Rooted in Nature: A botanical study of cameraless photographic art, by Jo Thomson

‘Rooted in Nature’ showcases a curated selection of Jo Thomson’s works – black and white photograms, and Prussian blue cyanotypes – featuring wild flora commonly found in the museum’s locality.

Inspired by Anna Atkins, 19th Century photographer & botanist, and Man Ray, pioneer of early photography, the artist’s work combines analog processes, photographic materials, and foraged botanicals in the creation of her distinctive prints. By utilising cameraless techniques, and direct contact between the plant and the light sensitive material, a true connection between the subject and the print remains in the work. Beautiful, silhouetted forms reveal the delicate details of nature, all at their actual scale. With no method of reproduction involved in the process, each print is an absolutely unique piece.

‘There is a wonderful magic to these historic photographic mediums, and the sometimes unexpected results, that never fails to surprise. In our modern lives, often saturated with digital media, I invite the viewer to focus on the form, fragility and translucent qualities of this manual process, and to feel a sense of calm, a connection to the natural world, and an appreciation for what surrounds us.’

The solo show is being held in the Silo Gallery, and is open from August 19th through to October 21st, Tues-Sat 11am-4pm. The Silo gallery features wonderful elevated views of the hills of Mulmur, and is a great location to view the Fall Colours.

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