Robots vs. Unicorns presents: FORBIDDEN PLANET at The Royal!


Like a deafening thunderbolt of neonized lightning from the deepest reaches of the universe, this Technicolor sci-fi masterpiece split open the imaginations of audiences young and old back in the 1950s -- and it is still every bit as thrilling today!

A group of interstellar researchers stumble upon an uncharted world of danger, mystery, and the maddest kind of science and soon become swept up in the adventure of a lifetime! Anne Francis, a pre-goofball Leslie Nielsen, and Robby the Robot star in the undisputed mega-granddaddy of space epics! FORBIDDEN PLANET is so perfectly crafted that now-modern special effects are still decades from catching up with it.

Prepare yourself to see big ideas take shape on the big screen, to see monsters materialize from the mind, and to witness bright and beautiful colors that you could never begin to imagine... you've got a one-way ticket to FORBIDDEN PLANET!

-Alamo Drafthouse