ROB-ARCH 2024: Beyond Optimization

The growing presence of robotics in art, research, design, and construction has changed the way we practice and think through our tools. Since 2012, when the first ROB|ARCH conference was held, the role of robotics in creative practices and manufacturing industries has grown, shifted, and evolved. Robots are no longer a shiny novelty restricted to niche research proposals but are now a fundamental technical tool for interfacing between digital and physical worlds.

ROB|ARCH 2024 will kick off with three-day intensive workshops led by eleven teams from a wide range of institutions. Workshops are available for all skill levels/previous experiences, and will engage various robotic tools.

The workshops will be followed by a two-day conference with presentations from our paper authors, keynotes from internationally recognized figures, good food and networking opportunities.

Workshops: May 21-23, 2024

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