Ride Don't Hide 2024

Ride Don't Hide 2024 is a "choose-your-own-adventure". You decide how - and how much - to get involved.

Step 1: Register here and select "Anytime, anywhere"

Step 2: Set a goal and track your progress. Log in to your account to set up personal milestones, request donations, and send messages to your teammates and supporters.

Step 3: Raise funds for mental health. Set a goal of raising $330, which helps CMHA Peel Dufferin provide one more person in your community with mental health programs, services and the support that they need, when they need them.

Step 4: Go for daily walks in your neighbourhood, complete a rigorous 30-day spin challenge, or casually pedal your stationary bike while marathoning your favourite show on Netflix. However you decide to take care of yourself this June – that’s your 'Ride'.

Step 5: Share your journey with others by inviting them to join your team, make a donation, or have a frank conversation about mental health - that's your 'Don't Hide'.

There's no charge to participate in the Virtual Ride. If you raise $330 or more, you will receive an invitation to come and celebrate with us on June 23rd at East Caledon Park for food, entertainment, and more.

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