Retropath: THEM! at The Royal!

Calling all nostalgia-freaks, horror hounds and celluloid junkies! Are you looking for the latest cinematic thrill? Retropath has you covered. Specializing in the most bizarre oddities to stumble onto the screen, this series is guaranteed to deliver the weirdest and wildest that cinema has to offer.

7:30 pm - Bugged Out Pre-Show

8:00 pm - Movie starts!

Destruction! Horror! Giant ants!

When a little girl stricken with catatonic fear is found wandering the desert in New Mexico, State Police Sergeant Ben Peterson and Trooper Ed Blackburn try to retrace the steps she took, and find a mobile home which is ripped in half, with one enormous unsettling print left in the sand. In custody, a team of people attempt to bring the little girl back to a speaking state, and use formic acid fumes to revive her, upon once she starts to scream “THEM! THEM!”

Soon after, a nest of gigantic irradiated ants are found in the desert, and quickly become a national threat once it is discovered that the queen has escaped to establish a new nest. Will the team be able to stop these nuclear disasters before it’s too late?

THEM! is not only one of the first movie to explore the fears of nuclear destruction, but it is also one of the first big bug movies to ever exist. Featuring incredibly entertaining foes and a fast-paced storyline, this movie truly lives up to its title of being one of the best science fiction movies to come out of the 1950s.

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