Portugal: The Spirit, The People, The Land

Irwin Karnick has spent the past 60 years blazing a trail as an observing artist. He is an intentionally celebrated photographer and filmmaker, whose work uses compelling words and images intended to inspire social and environmental issues.

The work represented in this Exhibition is from three larger works by Karnick; The Artist, Water and Seven Seas, Portugal, 2000 and his book titled Acoriana Trilogia: O Espirito, O Povo e a Terra (sponsored by UNESCO and the government's of Portugal and the Azores). The Portuguese culture is the specific focus of these works, however, Irwin Karnick simultaneously explores the universal concepts of culture as it applies to the creation of art and how art - a uniquely human expression - represents immortality.

Through the Portuguese people, their culture and their environment, Karnick brings the universal aspirations of humankind into focus, arguing that if there is to be any true immortality for us, it exists in the survival of the human race on Earth. Our world is only significant if it can sustain human life. The problem of survival has been exacerbated by our desire to have mastery over this planet- fighting territorial stakes, -rather than recognizing the interdependence of man, nature and the intelligent use of the world's resources. We have not yet learned to live in harmony with our environment or with other cultures - prerequisites to our continued existence.

May 27-June 2 @ The Show Gallery, 978 Queen Street West

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Portugal: The Spirit, The People, The Land

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