Porch View Dances

Join your neighbours and celebrate the often-quiet stories that tie our community together. Kaeja d’Dance, Toronto’s cutting-edge contemporary dance company, brings together professional dance artists with ordinary citizens to create a truly magical outdoor event in the heart of Toronto.

Since 2012, Porch View Dances is an innovative dance festival, engaging members of the community in Seaton Village. Performed by local non-dancer residents in the front yards, porches and courtyards of their own homes, Porch View Dances includes choreographic commissions by local and Canadian talent, including Kate Alton (Crooked Figure Dances), Vancouver’s Barbara Bourget and Jay Hirabayashi (Kokoro Dance), and Kaeja co-Artistic Directors Karen and Allen Kaeja. The audience is guided from dwelling to dwelling throughout the neighbourhood by our tour guide Maurizi (played by Allen Kaeja), watching the stories of a neighbourhood unfold. The event culminates at Vermont Square Park, where the audience joins in a group dance.

Starting Location: 727 Markham St

Ending Location: Vermont Square Park (819 Palmerston Ave)

July 13-16: 7pm-9pm

July 17: 4pm-6pm

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