Opening Reception: Spring Exhibitions at Xpace Cultural Centre

Join Xpace Cultural Centre for the opening of our Spring 2017 exhibitions. There will be snacks and drinks, and artists will be in attendance.

Main Space:

VPN to IRL curated by Tak Pham

Ronnie Clarke, Marlon Kroll, Sophia Oppel, Tommy Truong

March 31 April 29, 2017

VPN to IRL explores how our virtual relationships mediate our perception of reality, and the role of technology in contemporary living. Through four unique media and installation projects, the exhibition transforms Xpaces gallery into a Virtual Private Network VPN that will extend the Internet experience beyond the common visualization of data on computer screens. The artists will immerse the visitors body within a web of connections, where constant experiential feedback among them will construct a new reality. The visitors engagement and navigation through exhibition will question the ethics of the Internet, and examines its collateral physical consequences.

Presented in partnership with Images Festival.

Xpace acknowledges the generous support of the Ontario Arts Council for this exhibition.

Project Space:

Mehrnaz Rohbakhsh, Mapping Time: Harmonic Studies for Vera Rubin

March 31 April 29, 2017

Mapping Time: Harmonic Studies for Vera Rubin is a series of drawings and sound works dedicated to the astronomical theories of dark matter. Vera Rubin was a prolific astrophysicist who confirmed dark matter by studying galactic rotation curves, and passed away this past December 2016. Through her research, artist Mehrnaz Rohbakhsh used different processes of data visualization, creating four large-scale graphs inspired by historical and cultural practices in cartography.

These graphs were then translated into sound using digital audio programs, using percussive instruments such as vibraphones, bells and drums, which accompany the drawings.

Window Space:

Melanie Billark, Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better

March 31 May 5, 2017

Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better is a playful installation that looks at the artists relationship with the natural world in contrast to the built urban landscape of the city. Melanie Billark is constantly fixated on the organisms and life forms that live amongst the cracks and crevasses within the concrete of the citys landscape. She is determined to see how far she can push these life forms to thrive while inhabiting these stressful conditions that she has created for them.

External Space:

Kelly Zantingh, Seascape

April 5 May 9, 2017

Seascape traces the movements and actions of an unseen human hand on a fabricated and malleable environment. The rapid progression of time combined with an invisible human presence examines our interference with an ecosystems natural process of change over time.

The External Space is located in the OCAD University Learning Zone on level one of 113 McCaul Street, Toronto. External space exhibitions are also viewable online:

Accessibility: Xpaces entrance is at street level with no steps. The galleries, office and gender neutral washrooms are all located on the 1st floor. Service animals may accompany visitors at any time. Lighting and fragrance vary per exhibition/event; please contact us if you have any questions regarding these items.

Opening Reception: Spring Exhibitions at Xpace Cultural Centre

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