Opening Reception: Judy Ruzylo: The Order of Things and Wynne Neilly: Female to Male

Please join us to celebrate the opening of Judy Ruzylo: The Order of Things and Wynne Neilly: Female to Male. Both artists will be in attendance.

The reception is supported by Grolsch.

About the exhibitions:

Judy Ruzylo: The Order of Things

People instinctively seek to order the world which surrounds them. In that ordering, the binary is the path of least resistance in thinking and language: right/wrong, black/white, boy/girl. At birth, one is given an identity that shapes and informs the rest of ones life. Sex and gender are classified into two distinct, opposite and disconnected forms of masculine and feminine. The transgender do not reside neatly or permanently in this binary. The changes they undergo emphasize how gender is, in fact, a continuum. Having moved along this continuum, transgender people are in a privileged position to understand aspects of the gendered world that most do not.

This video installation explores the relations between gender, identity and society using the observations by and lived experience of a diverse group of transgender individuals. Reframing the image as an encounter with the viewer, the work challenges us to consider that the ways in which we do not understand are as important as the ways we do.

Wynne Neilly: Female to "Male"

Female to Male is a self-portrait project documenting the artists transition from female to male through weekly photographs, recorded vocal changes, documents and objects that represent a segment or moment in his gender exploration. The project offers an intimate view into the physical, psychological, medical and financial changes Neilly has undergone to shape and explore his gender. He insists on the use of quotation marks around the word male stating that his identity is something fluid that cannot be easily defined by use of a single word. For him, his gender and body are a construction of the ways in which he perceives himself and the queer social experiences he has lived. Neilly maintains that his trans identity is not a shift from one sex or gender to another, but rather a continual evolution.

Opening Reception: Judy Ruzylo: The Order of Things and Wynne Neilly: Female to Male

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