Open Show Toronto #33: Photo/Graphic


Graphic designers as photographers

Open Show #33, guest curated by graphic designer Gilbert Li, features five photographer–graphic designers who will show and discuss their work: Geneviève Caron, Michelle Liando, Cristian Ordóñez, Jim Ryce and Mike Tjioe Photography.

There is a natural relationship between graphic design and photography. The two disciplines often commingle and collaborate, especially with advertising, editorial and communication projects. This seems to lead certain graphic designers to work concurrently as photographers or completely crossover. Notable examples include Herbert Bayer, Henry Wolf and Arnaud Maggs.

PHOTO/GRAPHIC explores the unique alchemy that happens when a graphic designer’s sensibility combines with a photographer’s gaze.

Open Show Toronto organizes social screenings of compelling work by photographers, filmmakers and multimedia producers.

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Open Show Toronto #33: Photo/Graphic

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