Om T.O. -Free Outdoor Yoga

Tonic Magazine is proud to present the fourth annual Om T.O. yoga event held at the Distillery

District from 9:00 am. to 5:00 pm., on Sunday June 19th, 2016.

Om T.O. is a yogic celebration of the Summer Solstice ­ a full day of free outdoor yoga classes

led by the most dynamic and popular instructors from the top studios in Toronto, including:

Moksha Yoga, Yoga Tree, The Yoga Sanctuary, Spynga, BeHot Yoga, Iam Yoga, Soghrati

Yoga, Union Yoga and 889 Yoga.

NEW! Kids of all ages can participate at OmT.O. at the new Family Friendly Second Stage on

Gristmill Lane in the Distillery District. We have prenatal yoga, postnatal yoga and family yoga

classes. And, in honour of Father’s Day, we even have two “Daddy and Me” yoga classes.

NEW! Practice meditation at any time throughout the day at the Meditation Station, brought to

you by Transition into the spirit of the day before taking a class. Or cool down

from the movement in between and after classes. Experience OmT.O. like never before.

The venue can be accessed by car or public transit. There are galleries, shops, restaurants and

bars which surround the yoga area, ensuring that guests can come for the day­time and stay into

the summer evening.