OCAD U Zine Fair

Every year the OCAD U Zine Fair brings together an amazing collection of talent and innovation in alternative publications. This year will be one of our best!

Each day will feature a different group of vendors representing a broad range of making: zines, comics, poetry, independent magazines, prints stickers and so much more. The Zine Library will be hosting button making throughout the event. All proceeds from button making will go to the OCAD Zine Library collection and its initiatives.

Wednesday vendors:

Rebecca Suzanne Michie https://www.instagram.com/nausicaa.art/

Old Growth Press www.oldgrowthpress.ca

Rachel McCormick https://www.instagram.com/ayoitsrachelo/

Myshka instagram.com/mishsmam

Elise Conlin www.eliseconlin.com

The Blues https://akpaillustration.com/

Salisa Jat salisajat.format.com

Alyssa Pisciotto www.instagram.com/that_glitter_chick_

Dalbert B. Vilarino www.dalbertbv.com

Project 40 Collective www.p40collective.ca

Clairandean www.instagram.com/clairandean

Gwendolyn McLuhan https://www.instagram.com/grendelline/

Kelly K www.okaykellyk.com

Kimberly Edgar www.kimberlyedgar.com

Isa www.instagram.com/carefultarot

Zoë Martin a.k.a. Zome Loam www.instagram.com/zome.loam

The Sunday Night Bombers https://sundaynightbombers.com

Dairysam http://www.instagram.com/dairy.sam

Thursday vendors:

Andre Freitas https://www.facebook.com/ozman.hq/

Cleopatria www.instagram.com/cleopatriia

Emily Fay Fin www.fayforest.com

Casey E Helm - VESTAIS www.instagram.com/vestais

Clara Lynas https://www.instagram.com/claralynas/

sad.luck www.instagram.com/sad.luck

Xiaoxiao Li. www.instagram.com/xiao_xli

Lina Wu https://www.instagram.com/linaw_u/

Madcrush.co www.madcrush.co

Jercy Dee www.instagram.com/jercydee

Rabeea Syed https://www.instagram.com/rabeeasyed/

Maradecartoons www.instagram.com/maradecartoons

Kai Lumbang kailumbang.com

Emma Percy http://www.instagram.com/dairy.sam

creepazoidMonster https://www.instagram.com/creepazoidmonster/

Chuddi Collective https://www.instagram.com/bo_doodley/ https://www.instagram.com/monster__juice/


Toadstool Illustrations https://linktr.ee/toadstoolillustrates

Nati Romero www.natiromero.com

Come out to celebrate, admire and support artists, writers and makers from the OCAD U and local Toronto zine community!

Poster design by Natalie Mark.

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OCAD U Zine Fair

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