Nintendo Fans Unite 2

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----What Will Be Featured At the Event This Time?----

The first Nintendo Fans Unite event was a lot of fun. We had 150 attendees who cheered, competed, and hung out with other quality Nintendo fans. But, our second event will be bigger and better. More popular games, more tournament events, and bigger prizes to win (we don't just mean the prize pools of big cash, we're talking about a large, custom, hand-crafted Nintendo trophy!)

Of course, Super Smash Bros 64, Melee, and Brawl will be there with open and pro brackets, as they are the biggest focus, and Mario Kart 8 will be returning as well. However, we'll also be hosting a Pokemon X/Y tournament and setting up Goldeneye 64, F-Zero GX, Mario Party 9, and retro stations for friendly competitive matches throughout the day.

And no doubt, lots of socializing, gamer talk, food and drinks will once again be had all around.


The Doors open at 10:00am in the morning of Sunday, August 17th.

Registration for all tournaments commences right away, so be there early to get into the bracket early. However, registration continues throughout the day until 2:00pm. At that time, all registration for all tournaments closes. Only friendly matches can be entered from that point forward.

The tournaments must end by 10:00pm because that is when the venue requires us to move out our equipment. However, socializing and drinking can continue in the pub until 2:00am.


Th regular price at the door and online is $15 + HST. However, there is a pre-registration ticket price available for just one week, from July 11th until July 19th, which is $10.50 + HST.

In order to enter the official tournaments there will be an entry fee of $5 for each tournament which will go completely towards the prize pool for the winners.

----Prize Pools + Custom Trophy----

The prize payouts are 1st place - 60%, 2nd place - 30%, 3rd place - 10%. For example, if 100 people enter the Melee tournament, the prize pool from the entry fees will be $500. 1st place gets 60% which is$300, 2nd place gets 30% which is $150, and 3rd place gets 10% which $50.

The winner of the Melee Pro Bracket will also be awarded a hand-crafted Nintendo trophy, created by Cat "Falco" Uzumaki. It's probably worth more than any of the cash prizes.

Nintendo Fans Unite 2

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