"Night Of The Living Dead" HALLOWEEN kiki ball

Legendary Twysted PL & Legendary Snoopy 007 present

"Night Of The Living Dead" Halloween Kiki Ball

Saturday October 25, 2014 @ The 519

$5 / PWYC Proceeds will be going towards the 3rd TKBA Awards ball

Commentator: Legendary Snoopy 007

DJ: Legendary Twysted PL

Will be filmed for the #ATF Web Series, participants will be required to sign a media release

It's Halloween, and the time has come to play DRESS UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Want to walk this ball? Then heres your job, every category will be split into two teams. Pick what side you want to be on, however, theres a twist!!

When it comes time to battle, you will battle according to your effect!! Then the winning team will be battling each other till theres one person left standing. If the teams are not even, the competitors will still have to battle until one team is left.


GRAND PRIZE I AM Person with the most points $100

The Kiki scene was created for people to have fun and experiment with several categories, and its safe to say that Toronto is full of people who walk more than one category. Being an all-around competitor is a great thing, and being an all-around competitor myself, this is just something I have learned to appreciate because its hard to eat SEVERAL categories!

Tonight is not the night for the one-trick ponies!! Therefore, to celebrate the ALL-AROUND BITCHES I have come up with the I AM challenge. Get the most points throughout the night, and be that "I AM"!

10s 1 point

Winning a battle 1 point

Category GP 3 points

Categories for the ball


Disney Princes / Princesses vs Disney Villains


Vampires vs Werewolves

Runway Virgins Included

Witches vs Voodoo Practicioners

Sex Siren

Bloods vs Crips


Mermaids vs Unicorns

Best Dressed

Wedding vs Funeral


Army vs Anti-Government Rebels

Performance Virgins Included

Cops vs Robbers

Shoe Fetish


Perfect 10s

Marvel vs DC

BQ 1st Time in Drags at a Ball

Pageant Queen vs Glam Princess

"Night Of The Living Dead" HALLOWEEN kiki ball

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