Mulan International Film Festival 2019

Mulan International Film Festival 2019

Mulan International Film Festival 2019 is a 9-day film festival dedicated to Chinese-language films (with English subtitles) and historically significant films about China. The largest of its kind in Canada, MulanIFF aims to showcase the real, authentic moving images of China, through film screenings and panel talk. Screening tickets and festival packs on sale now! Check out our website for the complete schedule of films!

In our second year, our film festival consists of 4 programmes:

[+] CHINA RETROSPECTIVE: We always look back. It is so human

The China Retrospective programme features award-nominated or -winning films that reveal the zeitgeist and enormous changes in China and the Chinese society since the early 20th century; and that capture how ideas and beliefs have formed and evolved over time.

[+] LILI VS. LEVIATHAN: What we see in women and what we know about them are yet to be settled

The Lili vs. Leviathan programme serves to advance the appreciation of female filmmakers’ and actresses’ endeavours, as well as to recognize the identity and power of female protagonists in films.

[+] YIN AND YANG: Between Yin and Yang, there exists a spectrum

The Yin and Yang programme is dedicated to films that reflect on social issues related to gender inequality, gender identity, gender expression and sexual orientation, in China, thereby advocating equality and solidarity.

[+] FOUNTAINHEAD: Emerging originators

The Fountainhead programme celebrates and promotes emerging talents and their works with creative originality.

No prior knowledge required, we want to bring forth the most unfiltered version of China in its modern and historical time. One film at a time, let’s go see China together.

Mulan International Film Festival is a not-for-profit organization, founded by a small group of recent graduates from U of T, who are deeply passionate about Chinese films and culture. Mulan is 100% run and managed by volunteers. Our most sincere appreciations to all of our volunteers.