Mulan International Film Festival 2018

Mulan International Film Festival 2018 is an eight-day film festival dedicated to Chinese-language films (with English subtitles) and historically significant films about China. Through film screenings and on-stage interviews, we aim to showcase the real, authentic moving images of China. Limited number of Festival Packs, starting at $60 for 6 tickets, are on sale now.

Our inaugural 2018 Film Festival consists of three programs:

[+] China Retrospective: Feature films made by widely-acclaimed directors that reflect the development and changes of modern China since the early 20th century

[+] Made by Women: Feature films made by female filmmakers and/or those with powerful female protagonists

[+] Portraits of the Young: Feature pioneer films made by emerging and bold filmmakers

No prior knowledge required, we want to bring forth the most unfiltered version of China in its modern and historical time. One film at a time, let’s go see China together.

Mulan International Film Festival is a not-for-profit organization run by a small group of recent graduates from U of T, who are deeply passionate about Chinese films and culture. Where our knowledge and experience fall short, we make up by trying harder. We look forward to seeing you at our inaugural 2018 Film Festival.

Mulan is 100% run and managed by volunteers. Our most sincere appreciations to all of our volunteers.

We would like to express our deepest gratitudes for the following sponsors, for their belief in what we are trying to do and their support towards Chinese films and culture: Hainan Airlines and DeRUCCI.

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