Moroccan Week

Experience the sounds, stories, and style of Morocco, past to present, in an immersive cultural celebration presented in a very special partnership with the Embassy of the Kingdom of Morocco in Canada.

Opening a dialogue on the fascinating North African country, Moroccan Cultural Week features performances, photography, talks, film screenings, tea ceremonies, and a fashion show of traditional Jewish and Muslim wedding dresses.

Moroccan Cultural Week is part of the Museum’s fall season —Africa!— which explores new dimensions of the vast and complex continent with a world-class lineup of art, performers, and speakers.

DAILY, NOV 19 – NOV 24

Moroccan Tea Ceremony | Atrium
11 am – 1 pm
A much-loved tradition, Moroccan tea is typically served throughout the day. Made with green tea, mint leaves, and sugar, its preparation is considered an art.
Photography Exhibition: Casablanca, Not the Movie | Atrium
Award-winning photographer Yoriyas captures intimate moments of Moroccan street life, paying tribute to the country while unravelling stereotypes.
Performance: Maghreb Oud by Khalil Moqadem | Atrium (Wed–Fri, 1 – 2 pm) & Museum Collection Gallery (Sat–Sun, 1 – 2 pm)
Oud soloist and co-founder of the Montreal Andalusian Orchestra plays Moroccan melodies.
Calligraphy Demonstration | Atrium
11:30 am – 2 pm
Have your name written in Arabic characters by an experienced calligrapher.

Talk: Intercivilizational Encounters with Abdellah Ouzitane | Bellerive Room
11 am
A reinterpretation of the legacies left by different civilizations in Morocco as seen through a lens of tolerance, plurality, and sharing.
Talk: The Origin of The Jews of North Africa with Dr. Yigal Bin-Nun | Bellerive Room
12 pm
A look at the fascinating history of the Jewish people in North Africa, tracing how the religion evolved in dialogue with the other cultures of the region.
Performance: Ahidous with the Sahar Group | Atrium
2 pm
Traditional dance from Moroccan Berber tribes performed by the Sahar Group, a Czech dance troupe.
Performance: Andalusian Music of Morocco with l’orchestre andalou de Montréal | Auditorium (ticketed event)
7 pm
An evening of Andalusian classical music from Morocco played by an intimate ensemble, showcasing the country’s rich cultural fabric and history.


Talk: The People of the Book in Morocco with Dr. Hamid Slimi | Bellerive Room
11 am
An exploration of how Morocco has encouraged religious freedom and cultural acceptance, making it an exemplary model of Islam’s tenets of cooperation.
Talk: Al-Qarawiyyin University Library with Dr. Aziza Chaouni | Bellerive Room
12 pm
Dr. Chaouni shares the discoveries she made while renovating one of the world’s oldest libraries, Al-Qarawiyyin, along with Morocco’s holiest thermal springs.
Performance: Guedra with Sahar Group | Atrium
2 pm
A traditional dance performed to the beat of the guedra drum performed by the Sahar Group, a Czech dance troupe.
Fashion Show: The Wedding | Atrium
5 pm
A wedding procession with Moroccan Jewish and Muslim brides wearing traditional marriage attire, and the wedding party dressed in stunning kaftans.

Performance: Chaabi with the Sahar Group | Atrium
2 pm
A dance named “of people,” combining African-style tempo with movements similar to Middle Eastern belly dancing, performed by a Czech dance troupe.

Video: Handicraft from Morocco | Bellerive Room
12 pm
Discover the kaleidoscopic diversity of Morocco’s famed craft traditions over the centuries, and the masterful artisans who keep the legacy alive.
Performance: Shikhat with the Sahar Group | Atrium
2 pm
Dances traditional to Moroccan wedding celebrations and festivals performed by the Sahar Group, a Czech dance troupe.

Talk: Imperial Cities | Bellerive Room
11 am
An exploration of the imperial cities of Morocco: Fez, Marrakech, Meknes, and Rabat.
Talk: Tourism in Morocco | Bellerive Room
12 pm
Short films and a Q&A discussion with Chakib Ghadouani, representative of the Moroccan National Tourism Office.
Performance: Reggada with the Sahar Group | Atrium
2 pm
A dance originating from the ancient war dances of the Imdiazen, performed by the Sahar Group, a Czech dance troupe.

Children’s Performance: Kattam and his Tam-Tams | Bellerive Room
11 am
Juno-nominee Kattam (كَتّام) shares Moroccan rhythm, song, and dance in a fun and engaging show the whole family will enjoy.
Performance: Salamate Gnawa | Atrium
4 pm
An astonishingly energetic Montreal-based band shares Morocco's Gnaoui culture through spiritual music blended with blues, rock, and jazz.
This special event has been organized in collaboration with the Embassy of the Kingdom of Morocco in Canada, its consulate, Mémoires & Dialogue, the Moroccan Jewish Cultural Centre of Montreal, the Moroccan Association of Toronto, the Moroccan Jewish Community of Toronto, the Argana Association of Moroccan Canadian Women, the Canadian Sephardi Federation, the Morocco-Canada Chamber of Commerce, and many other friends and supporters.

Moroccan Week

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