Meat Grinder

Queen Gallery proudly presents Meat Grinder. A group exhibition by four talented Iranian artists.

“When we put our Chines brushes on English canvases, French colours grimace to Florence frescos. Nutrition from Macdonald’s hamburgers bring our brains’ black cells on the Arabic Sheesha and make Habermas’ suicidal philosophy. A kind of sophistication that grafts Rene Magritte’s covalent band into Nietzsche’s bowel cancer until it depilates his girl-charmer side-whiskers potentize of chemotherapy and made it wig similar Marilyn Monroe hire for Donatello’s Prophet Pumpkin Head.

Artistic amoebas disperse it just as suddenly and abruptly as the atomic and neutronic bombs did in the time of the cold war and Andy Warhol; forcing Henry Kissinger to write a poem for Morgan Schuster and the Habsburg monarchy. It’s as if the rotten eggs of our bowls, sing the song of “kiss me again” when it is being crushed under our multi-polar backbones; to inject life to our meat grinder. “


Isa Chulandim, Davood Teymooj, Mostafa Asadollahi, Nina Rastgar


Wednesday, July 3rd, 2019

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Meat Grinder

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