Man Forever, Mimico, Not The Wind, Not The Flag


Kid Millions of Oneida fame returns to Toronto with his minimalist compositional psych percussion ensemble hot on the heals of a new Thrill Jockey release that sees Man Forever collaborate with So Percussion. This time he will be joined by Brian Chase (Yeah Yeah Yeahs), Moshe Rozenberg (Absolutely Free) and Shahin Motia. Sure to be a pummelling, visceral live experience. Kid weaves threads of swaying percussion together like a landslide, orchestrated but free flowing. His effected voice floats calmly above trance like structures, constant motion, vibration. Percussion becomes one with feedback, bleeding into a dissonant future. Don't miss this!


Toronto kraut trio builds warm spacious soundscapes, the perfect quilt of winter music. Synthesized tones dance out amongst manicured guitar & bass notes. Everything becomes percussive as their sonic structures drift like some all enveloping cloud. Oscillating hums & psychedelic guitar phrases bury vocals in a haunting mist.


Colin Fisher & Brandon Valdivia's genre spanning free improv. duo draw inspiration from psych, jazz, noise, world musics and their own brotherly connectivity, Colin & Brandon build familiar structures in an improvised setting. From gentle kalimba noodlings over impatient drums, they build into wells of space psych guitar noise only to deconstruct again into a whisper of bells and gongs. One of the most versatile & interesting acts in the city.


All Ages


Man Forever, Mimico, Not The Wind, Not The Flag

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