Provocation Ideas Festival presents Make More Magic: My Life in Wonder Activism

Discover how my childhood in a Thorncliffe Park apartment sparked the instinct to gather people and curate experiences of shared magic. Part lecture, part adventure, join me on a colourful journey to the intersection of art, archive and social alchemy. Learn about my favourite elements on my creative palette and why this world needs far more wonder activists to help uplift our collective spirit and reimagine our shared future.


Nikola Steer is an multidisciplinary artist, cultural designer, and producer based in Toronto. Through her ever-expanding practice, she seeks to reconnect people with their shared humanity in a world where systems and technology seem to be intruding with increased acceleration. She uses storytelling, somatic practices, curiosity and play as entry points to shared questions and social discovery. Her installations and activations are designed to help us recognize bits of ourselves in the stories of others and to reacquaint ourselves with the abiding magic of being alive and in community. Nikola is the Director of Programming for Camp Reset, described as “an annual four-day phone-free, ‘no-work-talk retreat for adults that takes place at a traditional summer camp in Bancroft, Ontario, where participants are invited to choose alternate names and engage in rest and play.”

Saturday, May 25 • 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm.

Innix College Town Hall

2 Sussex Ave,

University of Toronto

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