Magpie May Movie Majik The Doors, Zardoz

Tapeworm Tuesdays is taking a break in May and me and Gnar and Jacqueline and Paulo are taking over.

And.... we're presenting two hollywood tales of hubris and hedonism!


Oliver Stone's epic-biopic of the Doors. Starring Val Kilmer as the Lizard King he can do anything. Sex and drugs and shamanism.


Zardoz, a giant floating stone head, decrees "the gun is good; the penis is evil!" and instructs his minions to terrorize and murder a people known as the Brutals. Zed, played by Sean Connery, has other ideas when he boards Zardoz, goes through a Vortex and ends up in the land of the passionless Eternals.


Free popcorn! Both butter and vegan varieties.

Also, feel free to bring food from anywhere in the area and dig in!


5$ Pilsner Tall Boys

3$ Jager

$4.25 bar rails

Cheapest, Awesomest, Tuesday Movie Night in town. Come by!


Magpie May Movie Majik The Doors, Zardoz

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