Loom, Hurricanes Of Love, Holiday Rambler

LOOM (http://loommusic.ca/)

Singer/songwriter Brooke Manning creates space-y almost surreal folk soundscapes with her voice, guitar, kalimba, effects and other odds and ends. Her voice floats like an airy whisper, like smoke drifting in & out of the atmosphere of sound she creates to accompany it. Her soft sounds roll over you cocooning you in her world, making even the most abstract distant notes warm & inviting. Taking all due time the guitar notes fill the space with the utmost ease and effortlessness. Followed by a stream of vocals that emit an air of delicacy as they soar above the the guitar notes like a silk sheet in the wind.

HURRICANES OF LOVE (hurricanesoflove.bandcamp.com)

Psychedelic folk music by the man, the legend, the mystery, Frank Hurricane. Boston singer, songwriter, finger picker spouts his universal yarns with cosmic positivity. Like a classic fireside story teller Frank pulls you into his mystical world. One of the most charismatic & engaging performers of our time. Don't sleep on this hidden gem. Come dip into the psych river, come be part of a tale, come make a new friend!

HOLIDAY RAMBLER (http://www.qualityco.co/)

D. Alex Meeks (of Hooded Fang) sets out on his own journey as Holiday Rambler. Bouncing guitar notes roll along like tumble weeds, as Mr. Meeks spins his folk songs intrenched in the spirit of the american south. His lyrics, smart, cautious, and full of unbridaled honesty, like a Flannery O’Connor novel he weaves religion, family and the future of the world as we know it, into something human and tangible. Intricate repetitive plucking dot Holiday Rambler’s songs like stars in the sky, all in the right place, so natural their placement seems accidentally. Languid emotions float gently over the simplicity of an acoustic guitar. Holiday Rambler is the everyman that died long ago, the tradition your grandparents remembered, but your parent discarded. Lose yourself in these lost hymns. Eat your heart out computer music.

Early show, doors at 8pm, over by 11pm

Only $6

Loom, Hurricanes Of Love, Holiday Rambler

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