Loading Falasteen — a solo exhibition by Shatha Al-Husseini

When all our worlds are shattered, where do the pieces go? Where do our songs run? Where are we in the demolished homes, the renamed streets, the gardens encoded with new data?

Settler-colonialism ruptures the multiple worlds that people inhabit; destabilizing a community’s physical, social, and spiritual complexity and continuity. Using photography, digital imaging, and personal archives, "please wait...Loading Falasteen" explores how memory, belonging, survival, and resistance can manifest across these seemingly broken interfaces. By blurring the lines between the real, virtual, and imagined, these works mirror Palestinian ingenuity in resistance, and subvert the Israeli regime's ongoing and uncanny violence upon Palestine’s lives and land.

Opening Reception | January 10th, 2019 from 7-10pm
Exhibition Dates | January 11th – January 26th
Gallery Hours | Wednesday to Friday from 12-7pm, Saturdays from 12-5pm


Shatha Al-Husseini is a Palestinian artist by way of Jerusalem (her baba) and Gaza (her mama). Now based in Tkaronto, she was born in Saudi Arabia and raised both there and Nova Scotia. Shatha’s interdisciplinary practice is rooted in making art and community spaces that are connective, restorative, and ultimately (hopefully) transformative through collaboration. This has included playing with poetry and performance in dusty institutions, facilitating group meals for storytelling and relationship building, and growing a curatorial practice that prioritizes BIPOC artist leadership and community-oriented spaces.


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Loading Falasteen — a solo exhibition by Shatha Al-Husseini

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