LITTLE TERRORS @ Festival of Fear/FanExpo horror shorts

For over 3 years, Rue Morgue and Unstable Ground have been running LITTLE TERRORS in Toronto, unleashing over 300 insane genre short films on the unsuspecting audiences. More details:

This year we are once again hitting FESTIVAL OF FEAR in a big way: two entirely separate programs of horror short highlights from our third year of programming. That's over 3 hours of crazy, including a sneak preview of a never-before-seen film, and Q&A with selected guests.

There are three showtimes throughout the weekend, all events taking place in the Screaming Room - Room 707 South Building:

Thursday, August 28th 7pm, Program 1

Saturday, August 30th 11am, Program 2

Sunday, August 31st 12pm, Program 1

Here's the full 'Screaming Room' schedule:

Here are our hand-picked line-ups:



96 minutes total


Fool's Day 19 minutes

DIR: Cody Blue Snider

In this hilarious dark comedy, a group of 4th graders pull an innocent April Fool's Day prank on their teacher. with horrifying consequences. Previous selection of Tribeca.

Yeah Rite 15 minutes

DIR: Michael Penney

An atheist and a blind priest perform their first exorcism.

The Root of the Problem 14 minutes

DIR: Ryan Spindell

In 1950s suburbia, a young housewife suspects that the friendly neighbourhood dentist is hiding a horrible secret. Previous selection of Screamfest and Tribeca.

Other 14 minutes

DIR: Daniel DePurgatorio

A brilliant doctor embarks on a series of dangerous experiments in attempt to rid his own body of the cancer consuming him. Previous selection of too many festivals to name!

Remember Me 15 minutes

DIR: Jean-Francois Asselin

If people stop thinking about Mathieu, he will cease to exist. So he makes every effort to prevent this from happening. Twisted previous selection of TIFF and Toronto After Dark.

Bedbug 8 minutes

DIR: Joe Ballarini

A little girl finds out she has a very good reason to fear the monster under her bed. Featuring Justin Welborn of 'Justified'.


The Last Halloween 11 minutes

DIR: Marc Roussel

Four young trick-or-treaters set out on a door-to-door adventure - making their way from house to house, collecting strange treats as they go - that could very well end up being... the Last Halloween! Produced in association with BravoFACT, and featuring Julian Richings Hard Core Logo, Man of Steel, Ejecta.


92 minutes total


Sequence 20 minutes, Spain

DIR: Carles Torrens

A man awakens to find everyone in the world had the same dream about him the night before, and attempts to figure out why. Previous selection of Toronto After Dark, LA Shorts Fest and more.

Manifold 10 minutes

DIR: Anthony Scott Burns

Shot in inky black & white, this Canadian-produced short follows a bizarre murder investigation. Burns is a director on an upcoming episode of Vincenzo Natali's series 'Darknet'. Starring Stephen McHattie Pontypool, Watchmen, Hellmouth, A Little Bit Zombie. Previous selection of Fantastic Fest.

Tasha & Friends 15 minutes

DIR: Greg Kovacs

A local children's show host wants the show shut down. Her puppets have other plans. Deadly ones. Previous selection of Blood in the Snow. Groopa, Groopa, Groopa!!

Night Giant 12 minutes

DIR: Aaron Beckum

After being haunted by a Night Giant in the streets, a young man contacts a Giant Hunter to help him destroy his problem. Previous selection of Fantasia, Toronto After Dark, and more.

Glow 2 minutes

DIR: Nate Wilson

A young boy believes his parents are being manipulated by an otherworldly force. Previous selection of the TIFF Next Wave Jump Cuts Young Filmmakers Showcase.

Awake 10 minutes

DIR: Francisco Sonic Kim

In this highly-disturbing short, a young couple struggles to cope when their son's mysterious illness takes a turn for the worse. Previous selection of Fantasia, Mile High Horror Film Festival, Celluloid Screams and more!

One Please 6 minutes

DIR: Jesse Burks

A twisted tale of a mother, father, daughter, and the local ice cream man Michael Berryman of 'The Hills Have Eyes'. Previous selection of Tribeca.

Crazy For You 9 minutes, UK

DIR: James Moran

A serial killer finds love, and has to work overtime to keep his urges at bay. Featuring Arthur Darvill Rory on 'Doctor Who', and previous selection of FrightFest and Grimmfest.

Jack Attack 8 minutes

DIR: Bryan Norton & Antonio Padovan

Jack's favourite babysitter Elizabeth introduces him to the art of pumpkin carving on Halloween night. Nothing will ever be the same. Previous selection of Fantasia 2013.


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LITTLE TERRORS @ Festival of Fear/FanExpo horror shorts

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