Leroy Street Theatre presents The Deliverance of Juliet and Her Romeo

In a parched landscape, the cult of the Capulets have come to a small town, to wait and watch as the world around them fades in sin. The residents of this small town? The Montagues, a poor family skeptical of the Capulet's Zeal, a conflicted former minister, and his daughter, Mercutio.

Using the words of Shakespeare to new effect, we follow the love and doom of Romeo, the starry eyed daughter of Montague, and Juliet, the last daughter of the mysteriously barren Capulets. As they try desperately to be together, a series of events are set in play that will leave the world they know changed forever.

Presented by Leroy Street Theatre

Directed by Harrison Thomas

June 11 - 14 & June 17 - 21 @ 8pm.

Tickets are available at leroystreettheatre.com or at T.O.Tix