Lawrence of Arabia

Widely recognized as one of the greatest films ever made, LAWRENCE OF ARABIA incisively depicts what it means be elevated to the pedestal of hero, and what it does to the man so anointed. Screening in 4K on Nov 18 and Dec 7. 

The first wave of Great War films made in the wake of the conflict tended to celebrate collective rather than individual heroism, or individual heroism in the sense of decidedly ordinary men who rise to the occasion.

The legendary T.E. Lawrence, however, was no ordinary man, and David Lean's classic about his desert exploits offers a distinctly double-edged portrait of the hero at its centre.

Structured in two distinct halves, the film opens with light, movement, and action, as Lawrence (Peter O'Toole) dons keffiyeh and thawb to direct the Arab Rebellion against the Turks in the Middle East; in the second half the film becomes darker and more reflective, as Lawrence struggles against both political manoeuvring and his own disturbing appetite for violence.

LAWRENCE OF ARABIA plays Nov 18 and Dec 7 in 4K, part of our expansive retrospective on The Great War on Film.

The Great War on Film commemorates the 100th anniversary of the Armistice by welcoming artists, experts, and combat veterans to explore the cinematic depictions of the 20th century’s first modern war.

Lawrence of Arabia

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