King of New York in 35mm @ The Royal!

Neon Dreams digs deep this month and unearths a 35mm archival print of the stylish, audacious, and unapologetically problematic KING OF NEW YORK.

Featuring a gleefully unhinged Christopher Walken in a villainous lead role, this under-appreciated opus from famed cinematic shit-disturber Abel Ferrara (Bad Lieutenant, Ms. 45) promises more WTF moments that we are able to count.

Wasting absolutely no time, KING OF NEW YORK opens with known drug-dealer Frank White (Christopher Walken like you’ve never seen him before), being released from prison on drug dealer-related charges. Before even having a meal, he reveals his sinister plans to dominate the entire drug trade in the whole city:

“From now on, nothing goes down unless I’m involved. No blackjack no dope deals, no nothing. A nickel bag gets sold in the park, I want in. You guys got fat while everybody starved on the street. Now it’s my turn.”

Compiling a murderous gang featuring a young “Larry” Fishburne (in a truly remarkable early performance), Giancarlo Esposito (Gus from Breaking Bad!), Paul Calderon (Pulp Fiction), and even Steve Buscemi, Frank blasts his way through the city to become the titular anti-hero we all desire. As unstoppable as this team seems, they find themselves in hot pursuit with NYPD detectives David Caruso and Wesley Snipes (aka your new favourite buddy cop dream team), resulting in a hyper-violent cat-and-mouse journey through the mean streets of New York. The real New York. Abel Ferrara’s New York.

This screening and others are made possible thanks to our wonderful sponsor Hollywood Suite. As always this will be a fully licensed event featuring a fabulous on-screen pre-show and great prizes before the film. Be sure to arrive early!

** 35mm archival print courtesy of University of Toronto Media Commons

King of New York in 35mm @ The Royal!

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