KING KONG VS. GODZILLA 1962 - A Carlton Midnight Society Presentation!


proudly presents:


directed by Ishir Honda

Japan / 1962 / 97 mins / Japanese w/ English subtitles

Mr. Tako, the producer of a low rated television show called "Mysteries of the World", decides his show needs some spicing up. So he sends two of his staff, Osamu Sakurai and Kinsaburo Furue, to Pharoh Island to bring back some berries, called soma, noted for their non-addictive narcotic effect. He also wants the two to bring back proof of a giant ape named King Kong. As this is going on, a submarine collides with an iceberg releasing Godzilla, who was trapped there seven years earlier. When Osamu and Kinsaburo arrive at Pharoh, they not only find the berries but the giant ape. After a battle with a giant octopus, Kong drinks the juice that is made from the berries and falls asleep. While he is sleeping, the pair tie him to a raft and take him back to Japan. In the meantime, Godzilla is rampaging throughout the Japanese countryside. While in route to Japan, Kong breaks free and swims toward Japan and inevitably on a collision course with Godzilla.

The Carlton Midnight Society is back and what better way to kick off their 2016 season than with one of the most beloved kaiju films of all time - KING KONG VS. GODZILLA!

But wait, what version of the film are they planning to screen? The American version? The version where "Godzilla wins?" NO! The Carlton Midnight Society has always, and will always, seek out the uncut versions in their original language of every film they program and this is no exception. That's right folks! The Carlton Midnight Society is incredibly proud to present the Canadian Theatrical Premiere of the UNCUT JAPANESE-language version of KING KONG VS. GODZILLA, with English subtitles!

If you've never seen this cut before, you truly haven't seen KING KONG VS. GODZILLA. It's not simply a question of substituting English for Japanese. The score is different, the storyline is different and Japanese characters who were otherwise relegated to background performers are back in the forefront where they belong.

This is a night that you will long remember so be sure to get your tickets early as Carlton Midnight Society screenings have a tendency to sell out FAST!

Feature starts at 11:00 PM.

General Admission $10, Students $7, Seniors & Children $6

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KING KONG VS. GODZILLA 1962 - A Carlton Midnight Society Presentation!

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