Just For Laughs TORONTO

Established in 2012 and now in its tenth year, Just For Laughs TORONTO is a pass-based interactive comedy festival in Toronto created by the Just For Laughs Group, the most important player in the global comedy industry co-owned by Groupe CH, Bell Media and ICM Partners. Developed with a mandate to celebrate the most hilarious, innovative, riveting and relevant comedy experiences in the world with Toronto audiences, Just For Laughs TORONTO’s unique interactive pass-based ticketing and reservation system makes it the first comedy festival of its kind. Just For Laughs entertains millions of spectators with its festivals on Canadian and international stages, in Montréal – the biggest comedy event in the world – as well as in Toronto, Vancouver; Austin, U.S.A., Sydney, Australia and London, U.K. The Group organizes shows featuring thousands of comics from Canada and other countries, including established artists as well as up-and-comers; stages its own comedy shows and musicals; produces touring shows; broadcasts digital and televised content (notably Gags, which is shown in 150 countries and followed by an online audience of ten million on YouTube); manages talented artists; and is the originator of the ComedyPRO and JPR Pro industry conferences.

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