Jiggle Ball - A Jello-Shot Cocktail Competition

Announcing the First Annual Jiggle Ball. 

What is Jiggle Ball? Quite simply, it’s a two-stage jello-shot competition. Now is the time to flex all of that knowledge and expertise in a whole new medium: a medium that bridges the solid and the liquid, one that readily incorporates and celebrates colour, one that shuns the current trend of stiff, high octane cocktails and, instead, insists on a lower ABV. We know "Toronto's Jello-Shot Champion" is a title you didn't know you needed to claim, but we have a feeling you do now. 

ALL PROCEEDS from the bar, door and raffle will be going directly to Nellies Women’s Shelter (www.nellies.org). There will amazing music by three of the best female DJS in the city: Sophie Jones, JMKM, Gimmemar. There will be kitschy 50s style canapés. There will be inexpensive and tasty drinks donated by Ace Hill, Sweetgrass and Corbys Spirits & Wine. There will be raffles and prizes. There will be nice people. There will be a lot of jello. 

Modeled after many of the finest competitions, this will be a two-stage competition. We will announce the prize at a later date but it will be terrific. The best prize. Everybody says so.

While the judging will be top-notch, this will be a market-style competition: informal with all of our family and friends able to walk around and try different competing entries. There will be a separate ‘peoples choice’ award based on the votes of the discerning public. So even if you lose on merit, you can always win on popularity. Which is kind of like life to be honest.

You can enter by emailing Christina at jiggleballto@gmail.com . Every entrant will receive a $30 LCBO gift card AND your choice of the finest McGuinness products 1) to help offset the cost of entering and experimenting. You don’t need to submit a cocktail recipe with your entry, all we need to know is your establishment/team. DEADLINE for throwing your hat in the ring is November 24, 2016 at 5pm.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, this will be a fun party where ALL THE PROCEEDS will be going to Nellies Women’s Shelter. As we all know, holiday seasons can exacerbate existing tensions in families and relationships. At-risk women are often torn between trying to 'make it work' and stay at 'home during the holidays' and seeking a truly safe environment for both themselves (and their children, if they exist.) Moreover, women's shelters across the country routinely report a lower occupancy rate over Christmas with a spike in clients (a preferred word) on December 27/28 that continues through the New Year. It is my belief that the human spirit not only needs nourishment and shelter but regular opportunities for joy. Any extra funds that we can all provide for the shelter to create a comfortable and enjoyable holiday season/birthdays/etc can already help uplift these ladies' spirits.

At the end of the day, the women who have chosen to leave an abusive and life-threatening environment for change are very strong individuals who need our praise and support rather than our pity. Our hope is to use our time and community of friends and loved ones to uplift them.


Competition #1 – Semi-Blind Tasting (20 points)

Each competing team will be required to nominate one member to participate. Each competitor will be given a box with 5 jell-o shots, all modeled off of well-known standard and modern classic cocktails. All competitors will receive the same blind box of shots. The task is to properly identify the cocktail off of which each cocktail is based. There will be a list of cocktails to choose from. Each correctly identified shot will gain each team 4 points to a maximum of 20.

Competition #2 – Cocktail Competition (80 points)

Prior to the competition, each competing team will be given a $30 LCBO gift card and their choice of the finest McGuinness productsto help offset the cost of entering.

Each team will be required to make 50 portions of their cocktail. The cocktail must adhere to the following rules:

1) It must be set. It can be set using gelatin, agar agar or the substance of your choice. A non-set entry will automatically be disqualified. So if you have a really rad bubble-tea inspired drink, save it for Diageo World Class.
2) It must jiggle when lightly poked.
3) Any brand or type of consumable alcohol is allowed. Wine, beer, sake, spirit, etc. As long as it is alcoholic. NB It does not need to meet a minimum abv, it just has to have some.
4) No component can cost more than $60 a bottle at the LCBO. If your team decides that it can’t balance a jell-o shot without the addition of some rare sherry, just go home and re-evaluate your life choices.
5) It can be no more than a mouth-full. This is a ‘shot’ completion. If you have to take multiple bites to get through it, it's dessert.
6) Any shape or vessel is allowed. Objects are allowed to be submerged in the shot as long as they themselves are edible and food-safe.

***Bonus Points*** (5 points each)

*Does it have 3 or more layers?
*If it is set on fire for 3 seconds, is it still set after the flame is extinguished?
*Does it glow in the dark?
*Does it clearly reference a classic 90's shooter?

Jiggle Ball - A Jello-Shot Cocktail Competition

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