Jessica Moss, Volur, Qarafa


Montreal violinist & vocalist Jessica Moss (Silver Mt. Zion), celebrates the release of her 2nd solo LP "Entanglement" on Constellation Records, following the evolution of her solo music for violin, voice & electronics. Tortured violin loops weave a web of bristly yet comforting fur. Errant vibrations blistering into distorted notes. Beauty finds a way to exist amongst inevitable sorrow. Don't miss what is sure to be an inspiring & introspective performance.


Toronto folk doom trio featuring members of Blood Ceremony, Do Make Say Think & Gates, merge distorted strings with thundering percussion. Hard treble screeches out over crushing bass, and blood curdling vocals. Sounding like some funeral march anthem from the fiery pits, group vocals unite in an occult hum. Borrowing from post rock, but using the obliterating language of their doom metal forefathers, Völur helps you become one with the flame. CVLT.


Spacious post-rock meets slow psych jazz quartet features members of Ischemic, RETIRED, and Horse Lung. Guitar notes ripple out over meandering saxophone paths, as drums ramble forward. Forever prodding forward in a forest of languidity, Qarafa builds a multilayered haze over a creature in constant slow motion. Deep in the zone and looking for the next pathway, notes drift away into the mist. Come on time to check this heavy crew turned meditative.

$12 Adv from Rotate This, Soundscapes and Ticketscene

$15 at the door

Jessica Moss, Volur, Qarafa

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