IRATION STEPPAS / Leeds, UK / The Vanguard of Dub!

IRATION STEPPAS outta Leeds, UK is without question one of the heaviest, most respected sound systems in the UK and the rest of Europe, where foundation, Jamaican sound system culture took root more than 50 years ago and continues to blossom today.

Legendary sound systems like JAH SHAKA's and JAH TUBBY’s brought the uniquely Jamaican cultural phenomenon of custom-built over-sized speaker stacks, supped-up amplifiers, custom pressed dub plate recordings, and competitive sound clashes to English soil back in the 70s … and IRATION STEPPAS came up during this golden era.

By the time they were ready to form their own sound system the sound of reggae music coming from Jamaica had changed drastically. Digital and Dancehall was the order of the day and you would be hard-pressed to find roots or dub reggae on a Jamaican record. But roots and dub had it’s hooks in the UK, and British labels were merging modern technology with their foundations to take dub into the 90s with a sound that was fresh, unique and above all HEAVY!

It is out of this eco-system that IRATION STEPPAS was born in ’93. They have been pushing the boundaries of dub with their consistently ground-breaking releases and churning stomachs with their insanely powerful sound system ever since. Known, for good reason as ’The Vanguard of Dub’ IRATION STEPPAS represent dub in the modern age, and have been absolutely instrumental in carrying sound system tradition across Europe and around the globe.

Playing classic records like ‘Kilimanjaro’ and ‘Mistikal Warrior’ at a dance would quickly let you know the club’s system was entirely inadequate for this music. Simply not up to the task. The tunes demanded special attention, and If you really wanted to experience them you had to take matters into your own hands. It was from such realizations that many a sound system - including our own - was born.

And so we could not be more proud to be introducing Toronto to IRATION STEPPAS on July 15, 2022 on the Higher Heights Hi-Fi Sound System at BSMT254. It’s an honour that we look forward to sharing with lucky few who get tickets in time.

Opening sets by STEINJAH of 40hz Sound & HIGHER HEIGHTS HI-FI

DOORS: 9:30pm

TICKETS: $30 Adv

IRATION STEPPAS / Leeds, UK / The Vanguard of Dub!

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