In Difference: A Group Exhibtion

The White House Studio Project presents...

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May 19 - May 26

Opening Reception: May 19th @ 7:00 - 8:30pm

--open bar--

After Party @ 8:30 - 11pm

--5$ wine + beer--

With work from 15 artists, this year’s presentation truly embodies the collective, versatile, and differential nature of The White House Studio Project. From painting to projection, abstraction to figuration, this collection of new works is just a slice of the amazing things percolating under our roof, plus a special, screening from Versa.

ARTISTS (more to come)

Stephanie Avery

Nicole Cooper

Cindy Esteves


Miles Forrester

Emily Harrison

Monika Hauck

Natascha Malta

Sandra Mannila

Hugh Mater

Robert John Paterson

Alex Ricci

Sustai Ulanbaagen

Tian Yu


Versa (A/V duo)*

*Versa will be screening choice selections from their ‘Analog Arsenal’, a collection of cut and paste video collages enrobed in retro effects. These were originally created live during nine musical performances at Kazoo! Fest 2016.

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