Hotnuts WTD with Diviniti

What the duck is going on?!

We've been clothed for repairs for too long. Now it's time to dress up again: have an haute meal with your oat couture. Or just Carey like Mariah. Are you ready to where? It's a long way to Bongolia so we shall not forget - where there is smonk there is fire!

Does it feel like an old tomato? Who can never be sure?

The only thing we know is that we need DIVINITI. Her Hotnuts debut couldn't come at a better time, and we are so happy she is coming to join us.

Diviniti's soulful vocals are on collaborations with DJ Minx, Piranhahead and Omar-S. Her voice can also be heard on the recently Grammy nominated Louie Vega album Starring...XXVIII Make sure to listen to her latest single 'I'm The Best' as this is truly going to be Detroit in the house.

We're also very excited that our friend Cosima von Bonin is in town for the first time. And she's bringing very special WTD Chickens to Hotnuts.

On Sunday afternoon, after a tiny disco nap, please join us for Cosima's 'Who's Exploiting Who in the Deep Sea?' exhibition opening at Oakville Galleries Gairloch Gardens from 3:30 to 5 pm. Diviniti, Mary, proddy & Simon Junker will perform throughout the opening.

Performance by Diviniti at midnight

WTD Chickens by Cosima von Bonin

Hosted by Mary Messhausens

With Buzz

DJs Produzentin & Das Hussy

$15 at the door

$10 in full on WTD outfit

Hotnuts WTD with Diviniti

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