Hillary's Murder Mystery! Space Edition

Okay, so space is a good theme for a murder mystery. If you like Star Wars, I mean, I just saw Solo: A Star Wars story, so that's pretty much where my head is at for this one.

Figure out who murdered the royal space twin - a good guy, a bad guy, a walking carpet or a talking trash can! Silly prizes to be won! Oh, and did I mention, you might end up getting to BE the victim!

Featuring: Alex Crawford, Irina Mann, Jacques Bibet and Bridget Cann as your suspects - with some hot improv interludes by improv troupe Hot Face - and of course at least one decent costume change by your drag queen sensation host Hillary Ooos.

Tickets available now!

Hillary's Murder Mystery is...

A late night somewhat improvised (actors are given character outlines, but no actual dialogue) Murder Mystery show hosted by comic drag queen extraordinaire Hillary Ooos! Read: famous.


A new mystery is crafted by Ms Ooos every month, will you be sleuthy enough to figure out whodunnit? Prizes for winners, one (un)lucky audience member will become our victim, and the cast is made up of a rotating retinue of some of the best actors, drag queens and improvisers in Toronto!

Hillary's Murder Mystery! Space Edition

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