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Healing of the Heart Through Confucian Ren

February is the month of the Tiger, so we dedicate all our lectures and workshops/rites/rituals/pujas to matters of the heart.


Cost: Free to attend. Donations are accepted.

Duration: 1 Hour and half (approx.)

*NOTE the event was set for 3 hours however the Rite itself may take only 1 hr and 30 min. The time following after is just to provide comfort time if needed.

Location: Aura Building- Condo Complex - 386 Yonge St, Toronto, Ontario CA

Meet @ Aura Lobby

Contact: Jennifer Ping (647)932-7888

Confucian Rites (Ceremony) for your heart, opening pathway to transformation through Ren.

Space is Limited only 20 spots available. Don't miss out! Register for your ticket Today!

The Purpose

Rites will focus on working with the heart by exploring selfless love of others and its relationship to loving oneself. By working in a Confucian paradigm, participants will harmonize their social interactions both internally and externally. Finding the kindness within and transform one’s heart beyond past experiences.

What is Ren?

Confucius defined ren in the following way: "wishing to be established himself, seeks also to establish others; wishing to be enlarged himself, he seeks also to enlarge others."

To read more about Ren click here.

What happens at a ceremony?

Zachary, Qigong Instructor and Reiki Master, will prepare the space for the rites to take place. He will preface the rites with some background information about Confucian Ren, following which participants will take part in interactions that exemplify Ren. Zachary will conduct the ceremonial rites and help guide your transformations. As part of the closing, we will once again have a similar social interaction to help participants understand their own transformation through the rites.

What kind of benefits or transformation may occur?

The rites will focus on your heart and the ability love others without expectations. By doing so, you will in turn connect and love yourself in a similar manner. Improve your social interactions and the way people view and interact with you.

Who can attend? Do I need to be Confucian?

All are welcome, you do not need to be Confucian, all you need is an open mind. If you're someone who actively seek to better yourself and is open to all expressions of growth, then this is meant for you. If you would like to improve the way your social interactions are, this is the perfect event for you.

If you are Asian and already have exposure to Confucian philosophy, this will help you better understand and reconnect to yourself. Understand how to work with Confucian Ren in the modern context.


Confucius is a transmitter that told stories and ideals from a time distant to him and through the interactions between people lives. He is most famously known for the classics which were written by his disciples. In his time he travelled throughout China to spread his teachings to kings, scholars, merchants, and anyone who would listen.

His main teachings include the 5 constants; to provide a form of harmony within society. The 5 constants are humaneness (ren), righteousness or justice (yi), etiquette or proper rites (li), knowledge or wisdom (zhi) , integrity (xin) and the virtues are filial piety (xiao), loyalty (zhong), contingency (jie), and righteousness (yi). In this series of Confucian Rites, we will be exploring each one in detail and understanding how each can be applied in everyday context to improve our interactions with people around us and how we view and interact with our selves.

About Zachary Lui

Find out more about Zachary at

Terms & Conditions

The ceremony will be a one hour and half long session starting at 3pm. Out of respect to the Rites and all that is present, once we begin the ceremony, under NO CIRCUMSTANCE may participants leave before the session ends. This will be strictly enforced. There is a min of 5 participants to run the ritual, in the case we do not meet the min registrants, we may need to postpone this event to another day.

Organizer of Healing the Heart Through Confucian Ren

Zachary is formally trained in various Eastern practices. An expert in Qigong, he also has trained in Shaolin Kungfu and Internal Martial Arts such as Yang Taiji Chuan, and Baguazhang. He is a Certified trainer and Shaman in the Quantum Life Science Institute, having studied directly with Andrieh Vitimus for several years and has specialized in Pure Land Buddhist and Daoist magics. Currently, Zachary teaches Qigong, Meditation, and Stillness. He is a Usui Reiki Master and considered a powerful folk priest by his peers in the community.

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