Dear Mr. Adam Sandler,

Although I was surprised to learn that you are staying in Yorkville during your stay in Toronto (would've pegged you as more of a Roncey man), but I saw that you had dinner at a Milestones in Guelph (twice) last week and that tells me that you really are the man of the people I thought you were. For this reason, I have created a vanity trap in the form of an unnecessarily specific pub quiz in hopes that I could Drew Barrymore you into joining our weekly trivia night, much like she wore you down into collaborating on my all-time favourite romantic comedy, The Wedding Singer (should have won an Oscar).

What's in it for you? I knew you would ask, because you are someone who is very picky about the projects you involve yourself in...Picture this...you're sitting there like 'Ah, I don't know, trivia nights are where comedians go to die'...but then you come to this trivia night and you're like 'WOAH - (1) how does this girl know so much about me, it's weird but I like it and (2) why have I never played a short-tempered, smart-ass trivia host who has all the answers but none when it comes to creating healthy & harmonious relationships?! There are so many egghead jokes to be made, I better get on the phone with Rob to get the script started for QUESTIONABLE PEOPLE."...I think you can tell that this is partly a joke, but if this movie does happen please cast me in it as "Belligerently Drunk Woman That Keeps Yelling The Answers #1."

In summary, we love you and your entire body of work, Adam! I am not delusional - you are a megastar with a busy schedule. Please know that should you NOT be in attendance, our love and admiration will continue to burn brightly into old age, and I'll continue to ball my eyes out every time I watch Click (and the other films that I'm sure you would have preferred that I mentioned instead of Click.)

Manifesting with many warm wishes!


PS: Popeye's Chicken IS f*cking awesome.


Dear Everyone Else,

Adam Sandler Trivia Night...consider this your warning to study the man's filmography and limber up. Y'all know how I do...

Ari from QE Trivia ✌🏽


- Movies, music and musings of Adam Sandler!

- Know your movie quotes and character quirks, y'all!

- Lots of multiple choice questions but there will also be 1 or 2 physical party games.

- If you are hearing impaired, I can share closed captions upon request!

- We have $10 cocktails all night long so buckle up for Thirsty Thursday!


$50 Gift Card to The Fortunate Fox

Adam Sandler Starter Pack, including novelty golden golf club trophies!

Funko Pop for Best Adam Sandler Costume!


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