Halloween Spookcade: A Halloween party and spooky video game arcade

Dames Making Games / XMG Studio / Bento Miso present:

HALLOWEEN SPOOKCADE: A Halloween party and spooky video game arcade

Play tons of Halloween-themed and spooky video games, made by local game developers and studios from all over the globe! Drink craft beers and creepy cocktails, and eat delicious grub from local vendors! All profits benefit Dames Making Games.

• Costumes! Tournaments! Tasty treats! Spooky nooks and crannies!

• Donations are gratefully accepted at the door


+ Costume Quest 2 (Double Fine)

+ Crawl (Powerhoof)

+ Guacamelee! (DrinkBox Studios)

+ Lights Out, Please (various)

+ The Yawhg (Emily Carroll and Damian Sommer)

+ Knight and Damsel (MK-Ultra Games)

+ Phantom PI (Rocket 5 Studios)

+ They Bleed Pixels (Spooky Squid Games Inc.)

+ Extreme Exorcism (Golden Ruby Games)

+ Five Night's at Freddy's (Scott Cawthon)

+ The Terror Aboard the Speedwell (Javy Gwaltney)

More TBA

Drink and Food Vendors:

+ Liberty Village Brewing Co.

More TBA

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About Dames Making Games (the hosts/organizers):

Dames Making Games is a not-for-profit organization founded in Toronto in 2012. They run a wide range of programs and events for women, non-binary, trans* and queer folks of all genders interested in games. They are member-run and member-funded, arts-focused, technology positive, collaborative, engaged, and welcoming! More info: https://dmg.to/about

About XMG Studio (the sponsors):

XMG Studio is a Toronto-based game studio with a focus on mobile games. Founded in 2009, XMG has released several popular game titles over the years, and is currently working on Project Giants — a multi-platform game which is slated for a Fall 2014 release! More info: http://giants.xmg.com/

About Bento Miso (the venue):

Bento Miso is a membership-based collaborative workspace for independent designers and developers, food makers and beer brewers, writers, comic artists, game makers and social justice organizers—a community first, a shared space second. More info: https://bentomiso.com/about

Halloween Spookcade: A Halloween party and spooky video game arcade

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