Grandpa Night Vol. 1: Doug Hoyer Renders

Grandpa Night is a Toronto-based early evening show series that features:

- wonderful artists

- two band bills

- 7-9 pm programming

- PWYC entrance all proceeds go to bands

Vol. 1:

Doug Hoyer

RENDERS Kelly McMichael and The Gloss solo project

A little info about the bands...


Doug will likely bring a smile to your face many times throughout the evening. The first smile might be because you never thought such a joyous merger of Talking Heads rhythm, Sufjan Stevens melody and Canadiana vocal stylings was possible. The second might be because of his endlessly entertaining pop arrangements. The third might be because this video is amazing:


Before Kelly inevitably wins all the Junos and Polarises? for the rest of time, we all need to enjoy and savour the times we get to see her perform in small, intimate venues. Echoing the melodies of Prince and the synths of Solange, RENDERS merges smooth, seductive beats with her wise songwriting sensibilities to give us something truly special:

Music starts at 7:15 pm, over by 9

PWYC Suggested $10

Beer will be available.

Accessibility notes TBA.

Given that this is an early evening show series called Grandpa Night, we will actually be starting at 7:15 pm. If you show up at 8 pm you will miss RENDERS.

Hope to see you there!

Grandpa Night Vol. 1: Doug Hoyer Renders

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