Germany vs Ghana watch the game at The Office Pub

Saturday June 21st

Ghana vs Germany at 3pm



The Office Pub is hereby designated as World Cup 2014 USA Team's Toronto Headquarters. Also we are the Headquarters for all the teams in 2014. Watch all the games with us. All games will be shown on HD SCREEN’s with FULL SOUND.

The Office Pub invite’s all GTA fans to come down and cheer on their favorite teams at 117 John Street, Toronto (John/Adelaide).

Besides having the reputation of being Toronto’s best spot for after work drinks, karaoke and great pub style food. We have also got the recognition for “ Top Spots To Watch World Cup 2014” . The World Cup 2014 will allow fans in GTA to gather in one spot and watch the game with true spirit.

The Office Pub has three floors, 3 patios, 3 bars and 35 HD Screens for indoor and outdoor viewing. During all the games we will be offering $6 Carlsberg Pints during all the games and lots of food special. Bring Your Flags, Bring Your Whistle’s and Watch and Cheer for your team with soccer spirit.

Also Check out Globe & Mail’s Article :

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Thursday, June 12

4 pm ET | Brazil vs. Croatia

Friday, June 13

12 pm ET | Mexico vs. Cameroon

3 pm ET | Spain vs. Netherlands

6 pm ET | Chile vs. Australia

Saturday, June 14

12 pm ET | Colombia vs. Greece

3 pm ET | Uruguay vs. Costa Rica

6 pm ET | England vs. Italy

9 pm ET | Ivory Coast vs. Japan

Sunday, June 15

12 pm ET | Switzerland vs. Ecuador

3 pm ET | France vs. Honduras

6 pm ET | Argentina vs. Bosnia-Herzegovina

Monday, June 16

12 pm ET | Germany vs. Portugal

3 pm ET | Iran vs. Nigeria

6 pm ET | Ghana vs. USA

Tuesday, June 17

12 pm ET | Belgium vs. Algeria

3 pm ET | Brazil vs. Mexico

6 pm ET | Russia vs. South Korea

Wednesday, June 18

12 pm ET | Netherlands vs. Australia

3 pm ET | Spain vs. Chile

6 pm ET | Cameroon vs. Croatia

Thursday, June 19

12 pm ET | Colombia vs. Ivory Coast

3 pm ET | Uruguay vs. England

6 pm ET | Greece vs. Japan

Friday, June 20

12 pm ET | Costa Rica vs. Italy

3 pm ET | Switzerland vs. France

6 pm ET | Ecuador vs. Honduras

Saturday, June 21

12 pm ET | Argentina vs. Iran

3 pm ET | Germany vs. Ghana

6 pm ET | Bosnia-Herzegovina vs. Nigeria

Sunday, June 22

12 pm ET | Belgium vs. Russia

3 pm ET | Algeria vs. South Korea

6 pm ET | Portugal vs. USA

Monday, June 23

12 pm ET | Netherlands vs. Chile

12 pm ET | Australia vs. Spain

4 pm ET | Croatia vs. Mexico

4 pm ET | Cameroon vs. Brazil

Tuesday, June 24

12 pm ET | Italy vs. Uruguay

12 pm ET | Costa Rica vs. England

4 pm ET | Japan vs. Colombia

4 pm ET | Greece vs. Ivory Coast

Wednesday, June 25

12 pm ET | Nigeria vs. Argentina

12 pm ET | Bosnia-Herzegovina vs. Iran

4 pm ET | Ecuador vs. France

4 pm ET | Honduras vs. Switzerland

Thursday, June 26

12 pm ET | USA vs. Germany

12 pm ET | Portugal vs. Ghana

4 pm ET | South Korea vs. Belgium

4 pm ET | Algeria vs. Russia

Plus We will be showing all the Quarter Finals, Semi Finals & Finals.

Germany vs Ghana watch the game at The Office Pub

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